Our Mission, Vision & Values

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Hunter Hands of Hope Mission Statement

The mission of Hunter Hands of Hope is to provide homeless and near homeless individuals and families with individualized supportive services and tailored housing solutions with a goal of obtaining and maintaining affordable housing.

Hunter Hands of Hope Vision

  • Help people gain access to permanent housing
  • Utilise local shelters as a short term program to triage, assess and stabilise families and individuals in crisis
  • Utilise our case management and expand our prevention programs to help people live as independently as possible
  • Provide nightly meals, breakfast and lunch packs.
  • Develop innovative programs to reduce the need for emergency systems of care in the community
  • Build alliances with affordable housing providers and other organisations that serve homeless individuals and families

    Hunter Hands of Hope Values

    • We treat all people with dignity and respect, always with the understanding that we are part of one community
    • We are community leaders and advocates for homeless people and people at risk of homeless
    • We are committed to innovation and best practices in our programs