For those needing help

What hours are you open?

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 4:30pm 6pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 4:30pm 6pm
Friday: closed
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 4:30pm 6pm

Open for takeaway only + accepting donations due to COVID restrictions

Where will I find HHOH?

49a Aberdare Rd, Cessnock NSW 2325

(at the old caretakers cottage for the tennis courts)



How can HHOH assist me and my family?

  • We offer a nightly meal service as well as brekky and a snack pack bag for takeaway for the next day.
  • We also have a clothes rack with which clients can help themselves too.
  • Vouchers are distributed on as needs basis.
  • We also assist with medical appointments, sourcing housing where possible, medicare and Centrelink payments, getting medications, drug rehabilitation, counselling and medical assistance.
  • We even assist with furnishing housing were possible.

Do I need to prove my circumstances to access help?

NO, we do not ask you to prove your circumstances.  Everyone needs help at some point in their life and we’re not here to judge.

We have a client information form and code of conduct that you need to read, fill in and sign.  Our volunteers will welcome you and help you with any paperwork.  We look forward to meeting you!

Who can Hunter Hands of Help assist?

We help the homeless, the vulnerable, the disadvantage, people requiring drug rehabilitation & anyone in need.

For those wanting to volunteer or donate

Do you accept cash donations?

Yes, we do accept and greatly appreciate cash donations!

Cash can be donated directly into our bank account or by coming in to the shop when we are open. 

Hunter Hands of Hope is a charity with DGR (deductible gift recipient) status, so this means everything donated over $2 is tax deductible.  Receipts are given for all money donated

If you would like to donate please see the following banking details.

BSB: 637 000 GREATER
ACC: 723801354

Please include your name and number in the comments / reference section when completing bank deposits.

What items can I donate?

We need all types of donations, especially for our brekky and snack packs.  We update the website and facebook with items that will help us but we gratefully accept any food & personal items that will help our clients.

Examples items needed for our Brekky & snack packs

  • poppers
  • little milks
  • cereal boxes
  • snack bars
  • snack packs of chips
  • bottled water

Examples of other items we often need

  • make up cordial
  • UHT milk
  • Sugar
  • large garbage bags
  • juice
  • dish liquid
  • disinfectant
  • female deodorant
  • any non perishable food items – (used for grocery packs for those in crisis accommodation)

Can I donate clothing and furniture?


Donations can be dropped off to our premise.  We do ask that all clothes be washed before being dropped off.


Furniture needs to be arranged.  We occasionally post requests to help a client with items needed on our facebook page.

How can I volunteer?

There are many ways people can assist:

  • cooking
  • raising money
  • food donations
  • or by becoming a volunteer and helping out in the shop.

On service nights we have multiple roles that need someone such as:

  • food service
  • table service
  • drinks service
  • dishes and clean up
  • prepping brekky and snack packs

There is no firm commitment. We ask when setting up the monthly roster who is available so it is up to the volunteer how much of a commitment they want to give.

How can I help with preparing nightly meals?

We are always looking for people to assist with prepping meals.  We have a supply of groceries that people can access to assist them with meal prep.

Rosters are set up monthly in advance so people know when their turn is but we welcome random meal donations.

You can cook whatever you would like, how much you can and if your food could be dropped off between 4-5pm in given day that would be fantastic!! We appreciate all donations and your cooking provides a nightly meal for those in need in our community.

What food can I prepare for dinners?

Hot and cold meals, sweets, cookies are always welcome.  We take photos and upload them to facebook, which is a great place if you’re looking for some inspiration.  Our clients appreciate all efforts.

What if I want to drop a meal in without being on a roster?

Yes, we will gratefully accept any donations of food.  

You can cook whatever you would like, how much you can and if your food could be dropped off between 4-5pm on any day that we are open, that would be fantastic!! We appreciate all donations and your cooking provides a nightly meal for those in need in our community.

What do I need to complete to become a volunteer?

There is a process to be followed to becoming a volunteer such as working with children and police clearance, application form to fill in.

Minimum age for a volunteer is 13yrs old.

Working With Children check 

To apply for a WWC go to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check

Police Check

To apply for a Police Check – Number go to https://www.police.nsw.gov.au/online_services/criminal_history_check 

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